The Land of Penguins

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The Tux Family

Image of the Tux family Back row (from left to right): Xandros, Aleader, Mr. Debian Tux, Mrs. Suse Tux
Front row: Jaques, Quantian, Ally, Mr. Konqi (the dragon), Mrs. Caldera Tux
In the photo: Mr. William Door

My favourite family is the Tux family. (Strictly speaking there are two Tux families. The larger family consists of the parents Mrs. Suse and Mr. Debian Tux together with their three children Xandros, Ally, and Quantian. You can also add Mrs. Tux's brother William Door, Ally's boyfriend Aleander and Mr. Konqi (a very helpful dragon) to this family. Members of the smaller family are Mrs. Caldera Tux and her great-grandson Jaques.)

Ally is eleven years old and the most beloved penguin of the Tux family. Some years ago she had an accident on a sheet of ice. Since then she needs a wheel chair and a lot of support. Luckily the Tux family has found Mr. Konqi, who helps with that. Unfortunately the city is not well accessible. However, the Tux family and Mr. Konqi are working hard to improve that.

Aleader, Ally's boy-friend, has the same interests as Ally: travelling, playing on the ice and singing in a choir. Although his parents live in a town which is far away, he often comes on week ends to visit Ally.

Some years ago Mr. Debian Tux (the father of the Tux family) often used to be away for days when he went fishing for the family. Nowadays he works in the municipal administration, so he can disburden his wife and Mr. Konqi in the evenings. His wife, Mrs. Suse Tux, is a typical housewife. When she is not angry with her two eldest sons, Jacques and Xandros, she is busy with her daughter.

Quantian is the youngest son of the Tux family. He is four years old and goes to the kindergarden.

Xandros, the oldest child of the Tux family, is 19 years old and more curious than anybody else in the city. Therefore he works at the main parking place opposite to the railway station as a car-park attendant. So he can not only see who visits the city with his car but he can also tell who is leaving or coming by train. He often even leaves his working place because he wants to know which trains the people are taking.

Xandros' younger brother is Jacques. Strictly speaking he is not a biological son of the Tux parents. He was adopted by the Tux family shortly after he was born because his litigious parents went away from the land of Penguins without taking care for her child. Jaques is 15 years old and very sleepy. Although he goes to bed early in the evenings he has problems getting up in the morning, so he is always late for school. Even when being awake he is tired. His favourite song is "Frère Jacques":

Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
dormez-vous, dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines,
ding, din, don, ding, din, don.

You might know the English version of this song ("Brother John").

Mrs. Caldera Tux, the great-grandmother of Jaques, lives in the nursing home. Thirty years ago she used to play the organ in the cathedral, but with her 94 years she now really is too old to work.

Nobody really knows what Mr. William Door, the brother of Mrs. Suse Tux, does. Twenty years ago he emigrated to an other country which is very far away, so that the children only know him from photos. Rumour has it that he founded a software company and is now a billionaire.

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