Welcome to www.schmi-dt.de

Hello, my name is Gunnar Schmi Dt. I am a student of computer science. During the fall term 2000 and the winter term 2001 I was anexchange student in Ottawa/Canada.

Some of my recent projects beside the studies were the Advisor for Computer users and an implementation of a Rubik's cube.

My current project is KMouth, an application that uses text-to-speech conversion tools for speaking sentences that the user has typed in.

If you want to know why I spell my surname within two words ("Schmi" and "Dt"), please read the page about misspellings of my name. I have also prepared some pages about my penguins and a page about the tools I used for writing these internet pages.

If you want to contact me, you can send an email to  gunnar@schmi-dt.de.

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