The Land of Penguins

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Links to related web sites

If you enjoyed reading the story about the land of Penguins you will probably also find interest in a large number of other web pages about penguins. As these pages are very different in their topics, I have distributed them into four categories:

Web pages about Linux penguins

Web pages with pictures from other penguin collections

This list does only contain web pages that primarily show pictures of a penguin collection. Many of the web pages about the real life of penguins do also contain a small section with pictures of a penguin collection.

Web pages about the real life of penguins

Web pages about puffins

There are not many pages with information about puffins in the internet. (You can find thousands of pages with one or two pictures of puffins, but no fan pages with lots of information.) Maybe that is because puffins are too similar to penguins (and penguins as flightless birds are really something special).

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