Advisor for Computer Users

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Advice for unpacking and setting up the computer

Well, unpacking your computer is fairly easy. You will find the computer packed into different cardboard boxes. Perhaps there will be a lot of cables etc. that are not put into a box.

If you do not know what is in the boxes, read the explanation of the components of a computer.

Before you unpack your computer, look if there is nothing missing and decide where to put it on as the different components of the computer are better protected when they stay in their boxes until you set up the computer.

Once you have decided where to put the computer on, you unpack the main unit. If it is a desktop unit, place it on the table, if it is a tower, you may put it under the table. Be aware that you need to reach the interfaces at the backside of the main unit.

The second thing you have to do is to unpack the monitor. If the main unit is a desktop unit, place the monitor on top of the main unit, otherwise put it on the table. Plug the data cable from the monitor into right interface at the back of the computer and (if needed) into the monitor.

Now it is time to unpack the keyboard and the mouse. Plug the cables of the mouse and the keyboard into the appropriate interfaces at the back of your computer. (Perhaps you will have to plug the cable of mouse into an interface at the bottom side of your keyboard instead of into an interface at the back of your computer.)

After that you need two power cables. Plug one into the main unit and the other one into the monitor. Plug the other sides of the power cables into an extension lead that is connected to an outlet.

If there is a modem or an isdn-card installed into your computer, plug the telephone cable or the isdn cable at one side into the right interface of your computer and at the other side into the appropriate outlet in the wall.

Well, that's all. If you have bought any extra devices such as a printer or a scanner, you may install them now or later. For that, read the instructions for installing extra devices.

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