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Explanation of the components of a computer

Every computer consists of several components:

Main Unit
The most important component is the main unit. It is comparable to the brain of the computer. In this box it calculates each decision as well as there is the memory of the computer.

The main unit is so important, that sometimes only the main unit is thought of when someone talks about a computer.

There are two different designs of main units. One is called a desktop unit and the other is called a tower.

You may realize the two slots in the front of the main unit. These two slots are used for transferring data into the computer or for taking data from one computer to another.

The smaller slot is usable for both transferring data into the computer and out of the computer. It is called floppy and accepts diskettes. However all data that is stored on a diskette has been written onto it by using a computer.

The bigger slot is used for CD ROMs. CD ROMS are only usable for getting data that the producer of the CD ROM defined into your computer.

Another important component is the monitor. All information the computer wants to tell you it displays on your monitor.

Keyboard and mouse If you want to give some information to your computer, you may do so by using the keyboard or the mouse.

In order to interconnect these components, you will find a lot of cables.

Diskette and CD-ROM
Each computer will be sold with a lot of diskettes and CD ROMs containing the operation system, drivers and software belonging to your computer.

You will probably not need these diskettes and CD ROMs as the operating system, the drivers and the software are already installed on your computer. However, it is a good idea to keep them, as it may be that you will need them later.

Last but not least you will find a lot of handbooks describing the operating system, the software or just different components of the computer.

 English version -  German version -  Table of contents